Are you prepared to compete for today’s prospects? Retirees look a lot different today than they did even just 30 years ago. People retiring back then had pensions, didn’t rely on 401(k)s, thought faxes were high-tech, didn’t use cell phones, and the Internet wasn’t even a thing yet. The lifestyles and behavior of today’s retirees are dramatically different. They look different, they act different, they communicate differently, and they consume media differently.

In order to “win” in today’s battlefield, you must master the middle of your sales funnel. Most advisors spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to get new prospects into the top of the sales funnel when their best leads may already be in front of them. We call these neglected leads, the middle part of your sales funnel, and they are perhaps your biggest area of opportunity. We help our advisors better engage with current prospects by making it easy to deliver meaningful, consistent, and authentic communication designed to keep them engaged. As a result, our advisors are able to seamlessly work the middle part of their funnel with enhanced sales strategies and “sticky” digital campaigns.

Among the maelstrom of change and opportunity, those with a stronger and more articulated brand have better chances of winning in today’s competitive landscape. If you’re an independent financial advisor who’s aggressive about carving out your fair share of the market, you’ve got to be skilled in “hand-to-hand combat.” In other words, you need to successfully articulate the uniqueness of your brand and be able to position it against the competition. At Lone Beacon Media, we help our advisors build their brands by defining: Their core strengths, their unique selling proposition, and how they fit into the competitive landscape.