Stand above your competition.

We help our independent financial advisors generate leads and close businesses in many ways, and branding is a fundamental piece of the puzzle. Every financial advisor has a unique set of factors, such as different needs and capabilities, competition, regional market, and company position. Branding that considers these factors can positively impact your market presence and marketing activity ROI.

In the world of financial services industry today, financial advisors recommend and sell similar, if not the same, products. Consumers also have access to almost as much information as a financial advisor, like you, has. In many ways, what separates you from your competitor today is your brand: who you are strongly influences your prospects and leads as much as, if not more, than what services you provide.

Before you can compete at the highest level in the world of direct response and lead generation, it’s essential to uncover your Brand Essence. This should be simple, memorable, and at the epicenter of everything you do. It’s what you’re known for.

Essence – What do you stand for?

Perception – What are you known for?

Intangible – Do they align? Are they irrefutable?

Advantages – Do your competitors say the same thing about themselves?

Being able to feel secure in your answers to these questions is just the start to maximizing your branded marketing potential, but it’s a significant step. The reality is that most of your competitors don’t have a clear-cut Brand Essence. It’s a process to develop and a discipline to cultivate.

We’ll challenge ourselves to develop your airtight, unique, battle-tested brand. With your brand as a foundation to separate you from your competitors, we will take it to the next level and help you maximize its potential, whether it be as a valuable part of your website, inbound email marketing, social media advertising, or marketing collaterals. Your brand essence will be communicated in everything you do.

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Here’s What Our Clients Say

“Lone Beacon goes well beyond anything I’ve ever encountered at a typical FMO or any other marketing company. They are true marketing experts who back everything up with real strategy that produces real results. With their digital database marketing, I’m always open for business regardless of the time or day of the week. The other weekend we took in $7 Million Dollars of Qualified Leads with their digital campaign while I was enjoying time with my family.”

Brian Evans, CPA, PFS
Founder and CEO

“In the first 4 days our new site has generated 52 leads, 23 of them are of high net worth and 8 have requested free reviews. I’ve worked with The Lone Beacon team to rebuild three websites and they’ve been incredibly impressive. Their understanding of the digital space, design and website construction as well as SEO and SEM has already rewarded us with great dividends. I highly recommend them.”

Jason Wolfe
Chief Media & Marketing Strategist

“The support we get from the Lone Beacon staff is tremendous. Since partnering with them, their media and marketing know-how has helped us to continue to grow our business every year.”

Derek Gregoire
Founding Partner

“Lone Beacon has become an invaluable partner to us. Their relentless pursuit to improve results coupled with their deep understanding of the rapidly changing media landscape has helped our efforts tremendously.”

Oliver Pursche
CEO of Bruderman Brothers, LLC & Bruderman Asset Management

“Lone Beacon has brought increased professionalism, organization and congruency with our digital marketing efforts.”

Clayton Alexander
Director of Operations