The Anatomy of a Successful Radio Show

What elements make for a successful radio show? For some advisors it’s making an emotional connection with the audience, for others it’s giving good news, and for others it’s having strong calls to action throughout the show. What do you get when you combine all of these elements in one show? 55 calls and 15 [...]

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The Value of 2-Minute Radio Features

Here at Lone Beacon, we’re always looking for unique, beachfront opportunities to get our advisors a bigger share of voice on their radio stations. With our founders’ years of experience in the broadcast industry, we can identity and recommend opportunities others wouldn’t even know to look for. An example of this includes what we call [...]

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5 Broadcast Myths Debunked for the Financial Advisor

Many financial advisors use traditional radio and television broadcast as a cornerstone for their marketing strategies, but bad advice abounds. Written By: Greg Dinetz, Co-Founder at Lone Beacon When it comes to marketing and advertising, many financial advisors seemingly chase shiny objects without the benefit of a strategic plan created by legitimate marketing professionals. They [...]

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