Getting Into Your Prospect’s Pocket

Texting has several advantages. To start, it allows you to literally be in a prospect’s pocket: Most people have direct access to their cell phones the majority of the time and read 90% of text messages within three minutes of receiving them[1]. Texting is a more personal and immediate way of communicating than email, as [...]

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Building Trust in a Virtual World

Working remotely has its upsides, from less time spent traveling to greater flexibility when it comes to time management. However, remote work has downsides, especially for financial advisors. It’s so important for advisors to build trust with their clients, and in-person events and meetings do a lot to build that trust. In a time when [...]

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Financial Advisors: Present Yourself As a Thought Leader in a Crisis

Crises can create mass panic, but they can also create leaders. At a time when the media offers a constant and often overwhelming amount of information and conflicting messages, financial advisors can be an important source of information and guidance for their clients and prospects. Whether they’re offering analysis of what’s going on with the [...]

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