Community Engagement

How Will Your Office Reopen?

America’s grand reopening has begun, and this could not be a more welcome event for many business owners. Advisors may have been doing fine with video and phone meetings, but the opportunity to open the office is likely welcomed. Just as advisors must provide a sense of security and reliability when discussing finances, they should [...]

2020-05-22T19:08:08+00:00Friday, May 22, 2020|Community Engagement, Crisis Management|

The “Stronger Together” Program: Engaging and Supporting Local Communities

Advisors can’t hold in-person events or meetings, but the retirees’ and pre-retirees’ need for financial guidance has never been greater. At this time, many Americans are also looking to support local businesses and first responders. In response to these challenges, Lone Beacon is launching our “Stronger Together” referral program platform to provide assistance to advisors’ [...]

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