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Why Every Financial Advisor Needs to Care About Cybersecurity

There are so many opportunities when it comes to digital marketing, but there are also risks that financial advisors must take special care to avoid. There are dozens of attempted website hacks every day, and advisors must take precautions to protect their client’s information and avoid inadvertently spreading viruses to their devices. For the independent [...]

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Better Results and More Confidence Is Just One Letter Away.

Over the past year, we have seen large scale data breaches to digital giants, such as Equifax and Orbitz, and recently Facebook, influencing millions of people. Websites are constantly at the risk of a hack attack, and consumer confidence in digital data protection is at an all-time low. Globally, EU is taking steps to change [...]

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Why Your Website May Likely Be at Risk for a Hack Attack

A look at what modern-day pirates view as valuable resources to mine from your website. Mar 21, 2018 By Kirby Mack, Director of Digital Media A cyberattack can target any firm, no matter the size. Most of the time, a hacker’s main objective is to exploit one of the following valuable resources to make money [...]

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Three Key Cybersecurity Lessons for Financial Advisors

By Mike Schaffman, Director of Marketing at Lone Beacon. The digital space affords us many opportunities to do more than we ever thought possible, but it comes with new and unforeseen risks. Recent reports indicate that 74 percent of financial advisors have been the target of a cyberattack. That’s why both FINRA and the SEC [...]

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Cyberattacks Can Happen Anywhere, Anytime

74% of Financial Advisors have been the Target of a Cyberattack. Responsible advisors don’t roll the dice when it comes to protecting their clients from Cyberattacks… They use Lone Beacon! According to Forbes, there are 30,000 websites per day that show up distributing malicious code. It’s no surprise that the average website shows 12 failed [...]

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Custom Marketing Program Drove How Many Leads?

Last Month, We Generated 43 Web Leads Worth an Estimated $30 Million of Net Investable Assets for 1 Advisor! How was your month? At Lone Beacon Media, our programs work better because we customize strategic marketing campaigns for each individual advisor. That's why our advisors capture and convert more qualified leads than their competitors. We also coach our advisors [...]

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