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Five Important Facts for Successful Branding

By John Capuano, Co-Founder, Lone Beacon Media Lone Beacon Media is a sales and marketing company dedicated to the independent financial advisory industry with offices in Boston and Denver.   If you’re an independent financial advisor who’s aggressive about carving out your fair share of the market, you’ve got to be skilled in “hand-to-hand combat”.  In [...]

Leave the Leads to Us

Are you a Financial Advisor with little to no time on your hands? Are you struggling to gain leads through your marketing efforts, or lack thereof? At Lone Beacon we say, “leave the leads to us!” Last year we helped our Advisors generate more than $1B worth of leads through various digital, content and broadcast [...]

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$1 Billion in Leads!

Elite financial advisors don’t use FMO’s or Broker Dealers for broadcast and digital marketing, they use Lone Beacon. We generated over $1 billion in leads last year by creating integrated campaigns… And, we can prove it! We help to deliver better radio and TV content, and offer thousands of different segments available on-demand for you. [...]

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3 Steps for Advisor Success in Marketing

Details matter and at Lone Beacon Media, we sweat the small stuff to deliver big results. So here are 3 actionable and measurable marketing steps you can take to increase your firm's bottom line. 1) Identify Behavior Patterns of Your "Top" Clients According to a 2016 Investment News study, 54% of financial advisors missed their [...]

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LBM is Everything for Digital Marketing

Your website is at the epicenter of your entire digital marketing strategy. At  Lone Beacon Media, we are a pure sales and marketing organization partnered with a dedicated FMO, all for the independent advisor. We understand that only those who adapt to today’s true media consumption, will have an advantage when competing for business in [...]

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Convert Prospects with Database Marketing

Before you spend more money chasing new prospects, consider implementing a database marketing strategy to convert the prospects you already paid for and are currently sitting in your sales funnel. So you've spent a bunch of money accumulating prospects through your various marketing channels. The one's that didn't close are now on your prospect list, most likely getting [...]

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Purposeful Marketing That Works For You

Before you define your marketing strategy, it is important to know exactly what marketing means to your firm. The problem we've recognized at Lone Beacon Media, is that advisors are often given advice from marketing and advertising professionals who deal with a number of different businesses on a much larger and more global scale. Click [...]

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Finding Your Digital, Competitive Edge

Did you know that Email is the #2 Online Activity for Baby Boomers and Seniors? It’s simple: Your clients and prospects prefer to communicate via email. To help independent advisors embrace the digital world, Lone Beacon Media creates custom emails every week for both Inbound and Outbound marketing campaigns. For inbound campaigns, we help our [...]

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