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New Facebook Advertising Opportunities

As social distancing measures prevent people from seeing their friends and family and lead to a sense of isolation, more Facebook users are messaging, posting, and consuming content. Facebook is currently experiencing record usage but decreased advertising demand. What does this mean? Opportunity. The travel and film industries have made major cuts to their marketing [...]

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The Marketing Ecosystem Doesn’t Stop In Times of Crisis

At a time when everyone is looking for information about the impact of the coronavirus and what they can do about it, financial advisors can be an important source of information. Whether they’re offering an analysis of what’s going on with the market or presenting strategies for moving forward, it’s important to be present and [...]

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Our Facebook Advertising Best Practices

Digital advertising practices were already changing at record speed and are changing even more during the coronavirus crisis. Financial advisors must adapt quickly to a world where traditional dinner seminars and mailers are going the way of the dodo. Luckily, Lone Beacon has been steadily expanding its Facebook advertising practices for years and is prepared [...]

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7 Steps for Email Marketing Success

Email marketing has huge ROI potential - $42 for every $1 spent.[1] We’ve developed an email marketing philosophy and best practices over the years and have seen significant results for our clients. We interviewed Georgie Wynn and Zoe Menendez from our digital marketing team to learn about the 7 necessary steps for email marketing success. [...]

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6 Facts About Baby Boomers and How they Drive Our Marketing Approach

The first rule of marketing is to know your audience. We not only know about their concerns and decision-making process, but how they engage with content and on what platforms. We challenged our team at Lone Beacon to come up with interesting facts about the Baby Boomer demographic that are relevant to the work that [...]

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Our Top Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors

We value thought leadership at Lone Beacon and encourage everyone here to think “big picture” when it comes to marketing philosophy. We all own and operate within unique aspects of Lone Beacon, and together we create the ecosystem that empowers our clients to succeed in their financial marketing. Have you ever been curious about what [...]

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Industry Trends in 2019

Lone Beacon works with elite financial advisors across the country, and our data allows us to recognize industry-wide trends. At the end of the year, we mine the data for each of our clients to assess performance of all media buys and marketing tools, and to create a strategy for the upcoming year. Here are [...]

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Knowledge is Power: The “Money News to Use” Platform

A big part of our job at Lone Beacon is to provide engaging and authentic content to our advisors.  In a time when there is SO much content available, the challenge becomes separating our clients from the pack. We want to make it easy for people to read their emails or visit their site to get [...]

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The Power of a Funnel Campaign

At Lone Beacon, we provide our clients with timely, quality, relevant content, as well as strategies for how to use it. We recently used short and long-form content in a three-tiered funnel campaign which pushed people down the marketing funnel from the awareness stage to the decision stage. We knew that funnel campaigns are effective [...]

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