Managing Our Team Remotely

We’ve been working remotely for almost seven months now with, unfortunately, no end in sight. But, that doesn’t mean that we will stop production on new initiatives or pause growing our team. While some departments like content and web design aren’t typically affected by the switch to working remotely, managers can have a more difficult [...]

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Financial Experience Within Our Company

Lone Beacon is proud to have several employees who have passed the same financial exams many of our advisors have. We view ourselves not just as a marketing firm, but a comprehensive marketing firm specializing in the financial services vertical. Special knowledge of the financial and insurance products our advisors sell and of compliance regulations [...]

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What Are Clients Looking for Post–COVID-19?

June 19, 2020 By John Capuano Five questions (and answers) that may better inform your client communications in the new normal. Understanding consumers' behavior toward media and their buying habits as they relate to financial decisions has never been more important. Eliminating the guesswork regarding people's preferences for content and media choices since the COVID-19 [...]

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The “Stronger Together” Program: Engaging and Supporting Local Communities

Advisors can’t hold in-person events or meetings, but the retirees’ and pre-retirees’ need for financial guidance has never been greater. At this time, many Americans are also looking to support local businesses and first responders. In response to these challenges, Lone Beacon is launching our “Stronger Together” referral program platform to provide assistance to advisors’ [...]

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Running the Coronavirus Marathon: What’s your Strategy?

Today is Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts, and the best day of the year to live in Boston. It commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord, but it’s also known as THE best party day of the year, beginning with an 11am Sox game and one of the greatest sporting events in the world, The Boston [...]

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Financial Advisors: Present Yourself As a Thought Leader in a Crisis

Crises can create mass panic, but they can also create leaders. At a time when the media offers a constant and often overwhelming amount of information and conflicting messages, financial advisors can be an important source of information and guidance for their clients and prospects. Whether they’re offering analysis of what’s going on with the [...]

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