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Let Hard Data, Not Gut Instinct, Define Your Ideal Client Profile

By John Capuano, Co-Founder of Lone Beacon. In an industry based on facts and figures, why is it that financial advisers base most, if not all their marketing data on "gut instinct"? When asked about a profile of their core client, they rarely base their answers on facts, thinking about their Ideal Client Profile in [...]

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Say Hello to Your Best Prospects

Do you think you know who your best prospects are? Last year on average, Lone Beacon helped its advisors identify 10 of their hottest prospects every month. That’s about $60 Million in Assets! And, here’s how we did it: Content Creation: We create thoughtful content designed for your prospects using world class advertising messages that capture leads. We [...]

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Elite Financial Advisors Don’t Use FMO’s or Broker Dealers…

Does your FMO suggest using a cookie-cutter radio show and tell you to use guests like Peter Frampton and Carrie Underwood because they will deliver leads?  No one ever took financial advice from a Grammy winner, so why fill precious time on your show with wasted content? We’ve produced over one billion dollars of leads in the past 12-months, [...]

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How Independent Advisors Can Maximize Their Marketing Efforts

Understanding how to best utilize technology and the digital space can be transformational for your practice. By John Capuano, Co-Founder, Lone Beacon Media Understanding how to best utilize technology and the digital space can be transformational for your practice. Despite our heavy dependence on the internet for almost everything today, most independent advisors still don’t [...]

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Ready, Set, GROW!

Are you ready to make 2017 your best year ever? Then it's time to put the financial industry's premiere concierge marketing firm to work, for you.   At Lone Beacon Media, we mobilize all of our sales and marketing expertise for one sole purpose: TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS.   Unlike the other guys, we are a [...]

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What’s Your Lead Response Time?

At Lone Beacon Media, we are keenly aware that time is money. That's why our advisors know how to use lead response time to their advantage to beat the competition. With careers spent marketing and selling to the 50+ demo, we understand the direct correlation between response time and conversion. Our "5 minute rule" was validated [...]

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3 Things to do When Starting a Sales Department at Your Firm

  By John Capuano, Co-Founder, Lone Beacon Media The first thing I learned in the world of business is that everybody is in sales.  When we started our company, I was surprised to learn that the advisories we were working with didn’t have organized sales strategies. Many have never been exposed to modern sales infrastructures and [...]

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Improve Your Firm’s Bottom Line with a Real Sales Organization

As a business owner, every decision you make has an effect on your firm's bottom line. For starters, we want to address your firm's basic needs, like having an internal sales department. Often times, independent financial advisors find themselves so busy that they don't have enough time in their day to address the basic needs [...]

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