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Madrona Financial Succeeds with Lone Beacon and Act-On

The digital marketing efforts that Lone Beacon has implemented through Act-On have helped Madrona Financial Services grow sales by an average of 20% annually. They have also reduced their direct mailing costs by 25% by focusing on more email sends. John Capuano says that Act-On has not only enabled Lone Beacon to implement the robust [...]

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Increase Your Leads Without Increasing Your Budget Via Facebook

Apr 27, 2018 By John Capuano and Stephanie Sjoblom As the digital landscape forces traditional media consumption habits to change, it’s more important than ever to employ a “media mix.” Since radio is so routinely used among financial advisors, we want to illustrate how the use of Facebook in concert with radio is effective. Advertising [...]

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5 Broadcast Myths Debunked for the Financial Advisor

Many financial advisors use traditional radio and television broadcast as a cornerstone for their marketing strategies, but bad advice abounds. Written By: Greg Dinetz, Co-Founder at Lone Beacon When it comes to marketing and advertising, many financial advisors seemingly chase shiny objects without the benefit of a strategic plan created by legitimate marketing professionals. They [...]

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4 Critical Lessons for Financial Advisors to Win at Facebook Advertising

Facebook is one of the newest platforms in the wild wild west of digital marketing. The potential to capture and convert qualified prospects is enormous, but you must be prepared to strategically compete. (Published as: Four Facebook Advertising Lessons for Advisors) Written By: Don Kwak, Digital Marketing Manager at Lone Beacon Lone Beacon is a sales, [...]

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Why Your Website May Likely Be at Risk for a Hack Attack

A look at what modern-day pirates view as valuable resources to mine from your website. Mar 21, 2018 By Kirby Mack, Director of Digital Media A cyberattack can target any firm, no matter the size. Most of the time, a hacker’s main objective is to exploit one of the following valuable resources to make money [...]

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Five Important Facts for Successful Branding

By John Capuano, Co-Founder, Lone Beacon Media Lone Beacon Media is a sales and marketing company dedicated to the independent financial advisory industry with offices in Boston and Denver.   If you’re an independent financial advisor who’s aggressive about carving out your fair share of the market, you’ve got to be skilled in “hand-to-hand combat”.  In [...]

Let Hard Data, Not Gut Instinct, Define Your Ideal Client Profile

By John Capuano, Co-Founder of Lone Beacon. In an industry based on facts and figures, why is it that financial advisers base most, if not all their marketing data on "gut instinct"? When asked about a profile of their core client, they rarely base their answers on facts, thinking about their Ideal Client Profile in [...]

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Three Key Cybersecurity Lessons for Financial Advisors

By Mike Schaffman, Director of Marketing at Lone Beacon. The digital space affords us many opportunities to do more than we ever thought possible, but it comes with new and unforeseen risks. Recent reports indicate that 74 percent of financial advisors have been the target of a cyberattack. That’s why both FINRA and the SEC [...]

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How Independent Advisors Can Maximize Their Marketing Efforts

Understanding how to best utilize technology and the digital space can be transformational for your practice. By John Capuano, Co-Founder, Lone Beacon Media Understanding how to best utilize technology and the digital space can be transformational for your practice. Despite our heavy dependence on the internet for almost everything today, most independent advisors still don’t [...]

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