Introducing Our Latest Webinar

In the midst of global financial catastrophes and unimaginable obstacles, Lone Beacon remains resolute and committed to identifying and relentlessly capitalizing on growth for our clients. There is no doubt: traditional seminars and face-to-face appointments have drastically changed, but the need for steadfast financial help has never been stronger. With families sheltered in place, the most [...]

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Webinars: A Case Study

An In-Person Event Alternative for Financial Advisors June 2020 Study INTRODUCTION Why Did We Perform This Study? Lone Beacon has been executing campaigns in the digital space for over 6 years now. Webinars were always a part of the digital marketing ecosystem, however their rise in popularity over recent months given advisors’ inability to perform [...]

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Webinars: Embracing the “New Normal”

We have all recognized the necessity of embracing digital and virtual options to more efficiently communicate with our staff, clients, and prospects. The need to replace dinner seminars and live workshops with a digital substitute has become an immediate reality. Lone Beacon has created a webinar package on the timely topic of market volatility, and [...]

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Looking Beyond the Traditional Dinner Seminar

As a Financial Advisor, you are keenly aware of how you spend your time and energy. Every moment focused on your clients is that much more meaningful to them as well as to your practice. Part of that includes participating in time-consuming and expensive lead generating solutions. If you’re like many advisors, your marketing efforts [...]

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