Before you spend more money chasing new prospects, consider implementing a database marketing strategy to convert the prospects you already paid for and are currently sitting in your sales funnel.

So you’ve spent a bunch of money accumulating prospects through your various marketing channels. The one’s that didn’t close are now on your prospect list, most likely getting dripped on with what we like to call spam. Well, there’s a better way to advance these prospects through your pipeline with the ultimate goal of conversion.

We know, and understand that independent advisors don’t have enough time or patience to nurture and grow their database. The sales cycle could take months or longer, so keeping a tight hold on the middle part of your sales funnel is critical. The end result of focusing on your existing prospects will be more closed business and a vast improvement in your marketing ROI. Generally speaking, it takes at least eight touch-points to close business. Giving up too soon is a fatal, but common mistake. Remember, the bigger the decision, the longer the buying cycle.

That’s why people who’ve already expressed interest in your firm should be coveted. A database marketing strategy can help keep them engaged with your firm throughout their decision-making process.

A database marketing campaign is also a great way to stay relevant with your current clients, who just might be your best prospects. Most advisors tend to maintain a share of wallet far below 50%, with their current client base.

At  Lone Beacon Media, we see database marketing as a tremendous opportunity to grow your wallet share with the people who already know, and trust you. These clients will be having milestones in their life that will require more services, and could help in offering more referral-based leads. In the end, communicating via email with both prospects and clients is an efficient and effective way to improve your firm’s bottom line.

Here’s How We Can Help…

  • We’ll maintain, update, and segment your prospect and client lists.
  • We’ll create original, and thoughtful content to set your firm apart from your competitors, while they continue sending convoluted and generic emails.
  • We’ll deliver consistent touch-points with weekly emails.
  • We’ll re-purpose email and media-based content for distribution across multiple marketing channels.
  • We’ll evaluate metrics on a weekly basis to help you analyze your Ideal Customer Profile and identify your Most Engaged Prospects

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