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We are a true full-service marketing company dedicated to independent financial advisors, designed to help you prosper in the changing competitive landscape.

There’s Never Been More Demand: When today’s retirees entered the workforce, there were 55 million Americans over fifty. Today, there are 111 million and there are expected to be 140 million by 2035. This age group controls more than 75% of the nation’s wealth. There has never been more people or investable assets to compete for.

Shrinking Competition: There were 325 thousand financial advisors in 2008. Compare that total to 285 thousand in 2014. The industry could have 200 thousand fewer advisors by 2022 and it’s likely that 100 thousand of those will retire in the next decade. Fewer advisors have succession plans and are content with the status quo leaving the playing field open for the right firms.

Who Tomorrow’s Winners Will Be: We’re helping independent advisors adapt to this changing landscape by recognizing and capturing the potential in front of them. We’ll help you understand the behavior and lifestyle of the newest retirees and how to compete on a local level using digital, broadcast, and offline channels and strategies. Better still, we can coordinate all of the above for you to dramatically improve your results.

Now, Why Us?

Previous options for financial advisor marketing left something to be desired, and that’s where Lone Beacon steps in.

  • Broker dealers and IMO/FMO are financial professionals with limited marketing best practices
  • General marketing & advertising agencies struggle with compliance, and have no understanding of the intricacies of the financial industry or baby boomer population behavior
  • In-house marketing diverts your time away from facing clients, and is difficult to scale.

Lone Beacon, as a marketing and sales organization dedicated to the financial advisory industry, can combine expertise with the baby boomer population, financial industry, and marketing to provide you with the best ROI.

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As a sales and marketing firm dedicated to serving the independent advisory industry, Lone Beacon’s expertise in the field is widely recognized by major financial publications.

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