Financial Advisor Digital Marketing

Customized solutions for your sales and marketing goals.

There are many moving parts to digital marketing for financial advisors, but luckily, Lone Beacon has broken it down to a science. Our marketing help advisors analyze current pain points and opportunities based on their local market, brand, and marketing strategy. We will provide a tailored solution to your unique situation to generate and convert leads while maximizing your ROI.

Attract: Reach qualified prospects or be found digitally through email marketing, social media advertising, and a Search Engine Optimized website.

Capture: Generate interest and engage them with enticing content to have prospects reach landing pages and fill forms for you to convert them to leads.

Nurture: Not all leads are ready from the get-go. Nurture quality leads to accelerate their buying cycle and turn them into clients.

Close: Through marketing automation and analytics, understand the needs and behaviors of your leads and pinpoint their problem to provide a solution.

Act-On Marketing AutomationLone Beacon is proud to partner with Act-On Software, a leader in adaptive marketing solutions.

Today there are 82 million Baby Boomers aged 51 to 69 years old.
Studies show 87% use search engines and 81% research retirement online.
They spend 27 hours per week online – 2 hours more than millennials.

Our Digital Marketing Solutions

Website Design


  • Improve traffic and lead generation by optimizing your site to appear for the most important search terms on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing

Email Marketing

  • Nurture your prospects and clients with weekly newsletters and dynamic content

  • Amplify traffic generation and lead conversion via events, book download, and other CTAs

Social Media Management & Advertising

  • Reach qualified prospects in your region with customized content and message

  • Create a brand presence with Facebook and LinkedIn pages

  • Generate positive reputation, traffic to your website, and new leads

Web Hosting

  • Host through Lone Beacon for top notch IT support on cyber security, performance, and speed.

  • Unlimited email accounts, databases, & auto daily backups


  • Receive weekly and monthly reports on your key marketing channels to understand the best performing solutions

Marketing Automation

  • Utilize automated, personalized SMS messaging and email programs to spend your focus on the highest quality leads


The fastest route to grow your firm!

Digital Design

The epicenter of your entire digital marketing strategy.

Effective design is equal parts form and function. While creating an aesthetically pleasing website is important, our goal ultimately is to make your digital platform an effective lead capture mechanism. Effective design will further establish a basis of trust with your current clients and prospects. We understand the value of staying relevant and the importance of studying changes and the trends of modern technology. As a result, we have the ability to establish relationships with target consumers with our cutting edge digital design strategies and create customized mobile-responsive marketing websites for the independent advisor.


Uncomplicated navigation, readable font, clean organization and quickly digestible content.

Mobile Friendly

Your website is your storefront and your target audience, especially high-net-worth individuals, are always researching you on the go.

Digital Design & Websites For The Independent Advisor

Lead Capture

Gathered analytics, used in combination with incentives and CTAs triple your chances of leads.

Highest Resolution

Improve your online presence with visually stunning, high resolution imagery designed for your brands custom look and feel.

Own The Digital Space

At Lone Beacon, we’ve spent our careers helping big national brands develop strategies to activate campaigns locally. Today, we’re helping independent financial advisors leverage technology to capitalize on the tremendous opportunity that exists online, putting your message in the hands of the people you want, delivered in the way only you can, and give you the resources to close those leads.

  • We deliver the leads directly to you
  • We can set up a call center with scripting to answer and record your calls
  • We design and construct tailored landing pages so you can convert online leads
  • We build behavioral tracking so that you can follow your prospects where they go online
  • We control how your website appears on search engines and push more qualified people your way

Here’s What Our Clients Say

“Lone Beacon goes well beyond anything I’ve ever encountered at a typical FMO or any other marketing company. They are true marketing experts who back everything up with real strategy that produces real results. With their digital database marketing, I’m always open for business regardless of the time or day of the week. The other weekend we took in $7 Million Dollars of Qualified Leads with their digital campaign while I was enjoying time with my family.”

Brian Evans, CPA, PFS
Founder and CEO

“In the first 4 days our new site has generated 52 leads, 23 of them are of high net worth and 8 have requested free reviews. I’ve worked with The Lone Beacon team to rebuild three websites and they’ve been incredibly impressive. Their understanding of the digital space, design and website construction as well as SEO and SEM has already rewarded us with great dividends. I highly recommend them.”

Jason Wolfe
Chief Media & Marketing Strategist

“The support we get from the Lone Beacon staff is tremendous. Since partnering with them, their media and marketing know-how has helped us to continue to grow our business every year.”

Derek Gregoire
Founding Partner

“Lone Beacon has become an invaluable partner to us. Their relentless pursuit to improve results coupled with their deep understanding of the rapidly changing media landscape has helped our efforts tremendously.”

Oliver Pursche
CEO of Bruderman Brothers, LLC & Bruderman Asset Management

“Lone Beacon has brought increased professionalism, organization and congruency with our digital marketing efforts.”

Clayton Alexander
Director of Operations