Does your sales process keep you up at night? Many independent advisories don’t have organized sales strategies or an infrastructure to properly sustain and grow their business. The reality is that everyone in your organization has to embrace the sales culture.

We find that many advisors will stop aggressively pursuing leads after just a few touch-points, but the reality is that penetrating a consumer’s buying habits takes time and multiple touch-points. According to the National Sales Executive Association, 48% of sales people NEVER follow up with a prospect and ONLY 10% of sales people make more than three contacts.

Even if an independent advisory does not have the capacity to employ a dedicated sales department, it can still implement the infrastructure and culture. For firms determined to improve their focus on sales, it is helpful to remember that it takes time and discipline to execute a plan.

As a financial and marketing support company, Lone Beacon Media, is poised to help you Achieve Sales Superiority by: Aligning all your marketing platforms with your sales goals. Organizing your internal sales department. Monitoring and Consulting on your sales cycle. Increasing your average case size. And Enhancing your lead response time.

Since there are no “sales departments” or “VPs of Sales”, the sales responsibilities and strategies usually fall on the shoulders of people at the highest level within the organization. This means that time management and prioritization become major factors. Rather than trying to tackle all things at once, take a strategic approach to building a sales culture.

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