Practice Social Responsibility in Your Business

You may have thought about ways you would like to give back and make a difference outside of just writing a check to a charity. You may also have a cause you’re passionate about and want to be directly involved but think having a foundation is reserved for huge organizations.

The good news is starting your own advisory foundation is easier than you think, and Lone Beacon can help turn your dream into reality. And doing good has many ancillary benefits!

Doing Good Has More Benefits Than You Think


79% feel a stronger emotional connection to purpose-driven companies over traditional companies.


89% of executives surveyed said a strong sense of collective purpose drives employee satisfaction.


Boomers contribute 43% of all giving.

The Lone Beacon Advisory Foundation Package

Lone Beacon knows what it takes to help you realize your dream of an advisory foundation. Our Advisory Foundation Package includes:

  • Help craft the branding message.
  • Create a Stripe and PayPal charity business account.
  • Create an optimized custom website (up to 5 main pages and 20 inner pages.)
  • Create a custom secure donation form tied to PayPal Charity and Stripe.
  • Create and brand a Facebook Charity Page plus 1 additional channel (Instagram or Twitter.)
  • Create a landing page on the business website that links to the foundation website.
  • Create a marketing and PR plan.
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