Did you know that Email is the #2 Online Activity for Baby Boomers and Seniors? It’s simple: Your clients and prospects prefer to communicate via email. To help independent advisors embrace the digital world, Lone Beacon Media creates custom emails every week for both Inbound and Outbound marketing campaigns.

For inbound campaigns, we help our advisors effectively and efficiently communicate with their current database of prospects and clients. The goal is to unearth “lost” leads from their existing database of prospects while increasing their share of wallet for existing clients.

For outbound campaigns, we help our advisors strategically target new prospects who directly align with their existing ideal customer profile. Our advisors find this to be a more nimble, affordable, and less cluttered approach than direct mail. We dynamically deploy custom emails to segmented lists of prospects who match advisors’ target customer profile. The goal is to add new, qualified prospects to your existing sales funnel.

There are too many advisors who aren’t acknowledging the digital migration, perhaps the single biggest trend of the last hundred years (or more). There should be no denying the fact that high net worth investment consumers are active online, and are actively seeking information. So, why aren’t more independent advisors capitalizing on it?

One-way Lone Beacon Media seeks to add value to your digital strategy is through the creation of a personalized book series. Offering a personally branded book to prospects and clients can go a long way in differentiating yourself among competitors. Writing and publishing a book takes a lot of time, money and effort, and as much as we like to think they’re reading it cover to cover…they’re not. The Little Red Book of Retirement series is designed to give the reader easy-to-read facts on just what they need to know about a number of all of the most important issues facing retirees today. People consume information differently today and enjoy more targeted, bite sized versions of information. The objective of the Little Red Book of Retirement Series is to give your best prospects and clients consistent, branded content that allows them to stay better connected with the facts about retirement…and you.