Is it time to review your FMO? Most likely, you already have some general understanding on what an FMO (Field Marketing Organization) does. But, with hundreds of organizations to choose from, how do you find the one that’s right for your firm? And, if you’re currently working with an FMO, ask yourself if they’re putting forth the effort to truly help you grow because now may be the time to put your FMO to the test.

When marketing, many financial advisors use a second opinion review as their main call-to-action.  The supporting message is about the need to have your portfolio regularly reviewed for potential issues. During these reviews, it’s not uncommon for significant issues to surface that could be damaging to an investor’s retirement strategy.

So, the question is, are you practicing what you preach when it comes to your business?

Those who understand the shift in business and embrace the changing financial battlefield are in a position to aggressively grow their market share. These early adapters of change are altering the competitive landscape in their favor. But, as all of this change is occurring, why have the marketing habits in the financial advisory industry largely remained the same?

At Lone Beacon Media, we routinely find issues with the marketing advice and programs recommended to the independent financial advisor.  Why? Because you are not dealing with true marketing executives at your FMO, rather, you are at the mercy of a department based upon convenience, not expertise.

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