Your website is at the epicenter of your entire digital marketing strategy. At  Lone Beacon Media, we are a pure sales and marketing organization partnered with a dedicated FMO, all for the independent advisor. We understand that only those who adapt to today’s true media consumption, will have an advantage when competing for business in the digital age. Baby Boomers and Seniors are heavy internet users, and usage is highest among those with high-net-worth (assets greater than $2 million). A larger percentage have Facebook accounts, spend more hours per week online, and are more likely to use the internet when making financial decisions.

Because of the massive importance your website plays in the digital marketing process, we like to look at it as beach-front property. It’s your opportunity to showcase your “physical” storefront just like any brick-and-mortar store would. With only once chance to make a first (online) impression, you need to make certain your website will have a higher perceived value. Typically, it takes less than 2-tenths of a second for a visitor to form an opinion on your website. Whether that opinion is a favorable one is up to you. That’s why we want to simplify the process of creating a “good” website, where we focus on 5 main components: Aesthetics, Ergonomics, Content, Lead Capture Mechanisms, and Mobile Readiness/Functionality.

For more details on the 5 main website components, CLICK to request a copy of our recent webinar about the necessity of having a credible digital epicenter.

The simplest and most dynamic way to consistently communicate with your clients and prospects is through personalized, engaging content on your website. Prospects will use your site to judge you and in the end, it’s about being in a competitive position to close your fair share of business. For most of us, dramatic success can be derived from a handful of wins…But it’s 2016 and “not participating” in digital isn’t an option. Your clients, prospects, and competitors live in the digital space, and now is the time to carve out your beachfront property.