Looking Beyond the Traditional Dinner Seminar

As a Financial Advisor, you are keenly aware of how you spend your time and energy. Every moment focused on your clients is that much more meaningful to them as well as to your practice. Part of that includes participating in time-consuming and expensive lead generating solutions. If you’re like many advisors, your marketing efforts contain the traditional Dinner Seminar, which requires a particularly significant threshold of effort to pull off. At Lone Beacon, one of our biggest initiatives of 2019 was to facilitate and promote an alternative to the standard seminar format and to craft the perfect contender to the Dinner Seminar: The Online Webinar.

The defining feature of the Online Webinar is convenience. Not only does the Online Webinar afford prospects more flexibility to learn in a more comfortable environment, but it allows Advisors to broadcast their message more efficiently. Between the cost and time savings, Online Webinars have seen a massive surge in popularity. Just like its predecessor however, there are some tricks to perfecting the art of the Online Webinar.

Prior to executing our first webinar campaign, Lone Beacon performed extensive research to better understand and mitigate the challenges surrounding the dozen or so components that have to be taken into consideration, from technical to creative elements, when converting this traditional form of marketing into a virtual platform. In turn, we have meticulously curated a process for Financial Advisors to deliver powerful and successful Online Webinars.

One success story in particular brings us to San Diego: A client primarily leveraged Dinner Seminars to discuss tax strategies for retirement, IRA rollovers, and best practices to pass on accounts or assets. Instead, Lone Beacon architected, promoted, and executed an Online Webinar to discuss these same topics. The results speak for themselves: 235 unique registrations, 101 new email list users, and 20 booked appointments — all without the traditional high costs and preparation of a Dinner Seminar.

The secret to our success was timing. Lone Beacon was able to take the client’s content and integrate it into a multi-platform promotion strategy. We built a specialized landing page, crafted weekly and special one-off emails, utilized broadcast media, and ran targeted Facebook advertisements. Additionally, we deployed a texting and email campaign to distribute confirmations and send reminders to each prospect leading up to the event. We also crafted automated post-webinar emails, reminding people to take the next step and sign up for a review

Even though Lone Beacon specializes in these endeavors, creating a seamless Online Webinar is no easy feat: it takes nearly 100 man-hours to execute flawlessly, making it a huge commitment. Just like a traditional dinner seminar, the effectiveness of a webinar comes down to quality: We have to lead the horse to water and the advisor has to sell him on drinking it. With Lone Beacon handling all of the details and advanced processes behind the scenes, our client was able to focus on what mattered most; using their time efficiently and realizing a huge win for their practice.

At Lone Beacon, we are passionate about your time. We aim to deliver maximum satisfaction for our clients and to always be at the forefront of innovation. As industry leaders, we want to be prepared for the possibility that the webinar could become bigger than the traditional seminar, and as marketers we’re ready to take you there. We go above and beyond for our Advisors, because that’s what you do for your own clients. Learn more about how Online Webinars can transform your business; we’re ready for the challenges ahead.