The Marketing Ecosystem Doesn’t Stop In Times of Crisis

At a time when everyone is looking for information about the impact of the coronavirus and what they can do about it, financial advisors can be an important source of information. Whether they’re offering an analysis of what’s going on with the market or presenting strategies for moving forward, it’s important to be present and deliver a consistent message across all media platforms. Here are some mediums advisors might consider using to deliver COVID-19 related content:

Webinar Platforms

The need to replace dinner seminars and live workshops with a digital substitute has become an immediate reality. Lone Beacon has created a webinar package on the timely topic of market volatility, entitled “Keep Calm and Retire On” for our advisors to use. It covers recent market ups and downs and has specific information for people who are either nearing retirement, retiring this year, or already retired. Webinars offer more flexibility for the audience, who can view it at their convenience, pause to take notes, or replay something they missed.

Create a Short Video

A short video could be posted to your website, shared in an email to your database, or even pushed out on social media. This is a good way to speak directly to your audience as you would at a dinner seminar. It’s just as important for clients and prospects to hear your voice and see your face right now, especially if you’re discussing a topic as sensitive as a market downturn that could affect them acutely. It doesn’t take many expensive materials to create a high-quality video in your home or office. Make sure your recording area has good lighting, is quiet, and free of clutter in the background. Keep in mind that windows and lights behind you can make you appear dark and that your microphone might pick up ambient noise around you.

Relevant, Timely, Written Content

Some financial advisors source their blogs and whitepapers from a pre-written bank. They may have a preset schedule for their content created far in advance on popular topics like Social Security, estate planning, and retirement traveling. While following a “set it and forget it” attitude towards content can be OK normally, it can be disastrous in times like these. For example: A financial advisory firm has a set lifestyle content schedule. Normally, this is the time of year when tourism starts to increase. Back before anyone had ever heard of coronavirus, their marketing company scheduled a content piece entitled ‘do you want to retire on a cruise ship?’ that went out amidst news stories of coronavirus outbreaks on cruise ships. Lone Beacon has a more active approach to content. We’ve recently written content on timely topics, recent legislation, market volatility, as well as lifestyle content related to the coronavirus shutdown.

A Consistent Message Across All Platforms

Keep in mind that your audiences across all platforms intersect. The same individual could be exposed to you on radio and Facebook, and then sign up to receive your emails. So, it’s important to maintain a consistent message across all mediums to build your credibility and increase the likelihood that people will remember your message. A connected marketing ecosystem is even more important in times of crisis. Contact us to find out how we’re creating and promoting content for our advisors during this time!