Sales Infrastructure

The fastest route to grow your firm.

Our scope of work varies from client to client, based on their specific needs and resources. Even though we only work with Independent Financial Advisories, we’ve learned that there are as many similarities as there are differences, and we advise accordingly. That’s where are sales infrastructure team steps in.

Prospects and clients are precious commodities so we want to make sure that you have strategies and systems in place to maximize on each one. We realize that you don’t have an unlimited staff to assist here, so we’ll work together to find efficient, scalable ways to generate the most revenue out of every opportunity.


We will be introspective/strategic about your business, and identify where you fit–in to your market from a competitive standpoint from the inside out. After capturing your brand essence, we’ll dig deep into your place in the market and explore all opportunities and obstacles. Once we find your strategic advantage, we’ll choose the best path for you.

  • What unique STRENGTHS do you have?
  • What are the WEAKNESSES that are holding you back?
  • What OPPORTUNITIES do you see that could grow revenue?
  • What are the THREATS that exist in the playing field that could derail your growth?

Chart Goals

Once true benchmarks are known we can establish criteria for your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

  • Create plan to incrementally grow each of the above benchmarks
  • Monitor goals and processes on consistent basis
  • Maintain accurate records of KPIs

Create Benchmarks

Before we can track your progress we will learn what your current metrics are and build from there.

  • How many new clients to you meet with per week?
  • How many existing clients do you meet with per week?
  • What are the average available assets of your prospects and clients?
  • What is the barrier of entry to become a client?
  • What is your average percent of wallet share?
  • What is your monthly and annual new revenue?

Sales Strategy

Apply SWOT elements with the KPIs and build a game plan.

  • Maintain sales KPI benchmarks
  • Communicate your consistent message internally and externally
  • Identify and plan for new marketing partnerships
  • Identify sectors of business that could be more fruitful
  • Identify your competition and create an appropriate competitive plan

Here’s What Our Clients Say

“Lone Beacon goes well beyond anything I’ve ever encountered at a typical FMO or any other marketing company. They are true marketing experts who back everything up with real strategy that produces real results. With their digital database marketing, I’m always open for business regardless of the time or day of the week. The other weekend we took in $7 Million Dollars of Qualified Leads with their digital campaign while I was enjoying time with my family.”

Brian Evans, CPA, PFS
Founder and CEO

“In the first 4 days our new site has generated 52 leads, 23 of them are of high net worth and 8 have requested free reviews. I’ve worked with The Lone Beacon team to rebuild three websites and they’ve been incredibly impressive. Their understanding of the digital space, design and website construction as well as SEO and SEM has already rewarded us with great dividends. I highly recommend them.”

Jason Wolfe
Chief Media & Marketing Strategist

“The support we get from the Lone Beacon staff is tremendous. Since partnering with them, their media and marketing know-how has helped us to continue to grow our business every year.”

Derek Gregoire
Founding Partner

“Lone Beacon has become an invaluable partner to us. Their relentless pursuit to improve results coupled with their deep understanding of the rapidly changing media landscape has helped our efforts tremendously.”

Oliver Pursche
CEO of Bruderman Brothers, LLC & Bruderman Asset Management

“Lone Beacon has brought increased professionalism, organization and congruency with our digital marketing efforts.”

Clayton Alexander
Director of Operations