What was the cost of your last direct mail campaign? Did it produce? Did you know the Second, Most Popular Online Activity, Among Baby Boomers and Seniors is “Emailing?”

Living and doing business in the digital age has forced many to adapt to change. That’s why at Lone Beacon Media, we offer our advisors a turn-key service designed to eliminate (or lower) their cost of direct mail marketing, and at the same time, add new prospects to their sales funnel. A digital email marketing campaign is a great way to communicate with clients and prospects where they are spending most of their online time.

We regularly meet with advisors who are frustrated with the lack of results their marketing is generating. Creating a measurable, cost-efficient digital strategy is something you can start right now. Here’s one of our most recent digital marketing success stories…

It was a Thursday morning, and one of our Lone Beacon Media (the sales & marketing arm of Advisory Fusion) advisors came to us with a need. Their direct mailer, which cost thousands of dollars, did not fill the room at their upcoming retirement dinner seminar. The registration was ending on Monday, and they were thinking of cancelling the event. But for us, we saw this as a high priority and a great opportunity to showcase the fact that Baby Boomers and Seniors prefer to be communicated with via email.

So, we created a custom eBlast tailored for their event, ran it through compliance, and distributed it to their current prospect list of about 500.

By Monday morning, they had 20 Sign-Ups worth approximately $15.5 Million in net investable assets. It is important to note that these numbers did not include leads that came in via phone calls…just web sign-ups.

Want to Hear More Details About Digital Mail and Our Advisors’ Success? Contact Us Today and We’ll Show You an Example Email Along with The Platform We Use to Capture and Qualify Leads.