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Building Out Our Marketing Ecosystem with Google Ads

November 9, 2020|Advertising, Marketing|

Imagine you’re casually browsing a company’s website on your phone. You get an email, open it, and all of a sudden you’ve forgotten about that company’s products. You may not return to their website on your own, but you might when you see an ad for that company while browsing the internet again later. It’s a common experience, which is why Google ad remarketing is so [...]


Meet the Latest Additions to Our Team!

October 23, 2020|Lone Beacon|

We’re excited to welcome two new members to the Lone Beacon family, Christina Pappas and Gabby DeMaria! Both come to us with valuable digital marketing experience and will help us grow as a company. Here’s a little about their backgrounds and what they hope to accomplish at Lone Beacon. Gabby comes to us with SEO and digital marketing experience across several industries, as well as strong [...]


Welcome to Our New Website!

October 12, 2020|Web Design|

We build excellent websites for our clients that showcase their best work and give visitors a sense of who the advisor is as a person while being easy to navigate and informational. After multiple years of growth, innovation, and internal transformation, we decided that we needed a website design with just as much thought and personality. We often say that an advisor’s website is their storefront, [...]


The 2020 Election and Your Retirement Webinar

October 2, 2020|Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing|

Amidst global financial crisis and unprecedented obstacles, Lone Beacon remains resolute and committed to identifying and relentlessly capitalizing on growth for our clients. There is no doubt: traditional seminars and face-to-face appointments have drastically changed during this period of widespread social distancing, but the need for steadfast financial help has never been greater. This is especially true during election season when retirees are wondering how the [...]


If You’re Going To Do A Webinar, Do It Right

September 25, 2020|Content Creation, webinar|

The future of large in-person events is unknown as this pandemic stretches on and on. According to Lone Beacon’s recent nationwide study where over 1,200 people were asked the question,  “What would best describe your attitude toward attending a public gathering over the next three months?” nearly 50% would likely not attend or only attend with the highest level of caution.[1] Rather than waiting for everything [...]


Identify Problems, Provide Solutions

September 22, 2020|Content Creation, Digital Marketing|

While news sources tend to highlight major, seemingly unsolvable problems, advisors can present solutions using content. Many workers over 50 have lost their jobs in the last six months, and that may mean more early retirements. There’s a growing trend of private companies offering their workers pension buyouts, or different ways of receiving their pensions, which means many workers have important decisions to make soon. Advisors [...]

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